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8541503 Washing Machine and Dryer Stacking Kit

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Part #:   8541503



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- Stacking Kit
- Includes 2 adhesive pads, 2 brackets, 4 screws, and instructions
- Maximize laundry space by stacking the Duet® dryer on top of the Duet® Washer with the Duet® Stack Kit.
- Used on some Whirlpool Duet, Duet HT and Kenmore Elite HE3, HE3t,HE5, HE5t models

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Fits Models:   3RAWZ480EMQ0 3RAWZ480EMQ1 3RAWZ480EMQ2 3RAWZ480EMQ3 3RAWZ480ESQ0 3RAWZ481EML0 3RAWZ481EML1 3RAWZ481EML2 3RAWZ481EML3 3RAWZ481ETH0 3RAWZ481GML0 3RAWZ481GML1 7MGGW9200MW0 7MGGW9200MW1 7MGGW9200MW3 7MMGE9959TB0 7MMGE9959TB0 7MMGE9959TW0 7MMGE9959TW0 7MWGD9200TQ0 7MWGD9200TQ1 7MWGD9400TU0 7MWGD9400TU1 7MWGD9400TU2 GEW9200LL1 GEW9200LL2 GEW9200LQ1 GEW9200LQ2 GEW9200LT1 GEW9200LT2 GEW9200LW1 GEW9200LW2 GEW9250PL0 GEW9250PL1 GEW9250PT0 GEW9250PT1 GEW9250PW0 GEW9250PW1 GEW9250SU0 GEW9260PL0 GEW9260PL1 GEW9260PW0 GEW9260PW1 GGW9200LL1 GGW9200LL2 GGW9200LQ1 GGW9200LQ2 GGW9200LT1 GGW9200LT2 GGW9200LW1 GGW9200LW2 GGW9250PL0 GGW9250PL1 GGW9250PL2 GGW9250PL3 GGW9250PT0 GGW9250PT1 GGW9250PT2 GGW9250PT3 GGW9250PW0 GGW9250PW1 GGW9250PW2 GGW9250PW3 GGW9250SU0 GGW9260PL0 GGW9260PL1 GGW9260PL2 GGW9260PL3 GGW9260PW0 GGW9260PW1 GGW9260PW2 GGW9260PW3 KEHS01PMT0 KEHS01PMT1 KEHS01PMT2 KEHS01PWH1 KEHS01PWH2 KEHS02RMT0 KEHS02RWH0 KGHS01PMT0 KGHS01PMT1 KGHS01PMT2 KGHS01PMT3 KGHS01PWH1 KGHS01PWH2 KGHS01PWH3 KGHS02RMT0 KGHS02RMT2 KGHS02RWH0 KGHS02RWH2 MED9600SQ0 MED9600SQ0 MED9700SB0 MED9700SQ0 MED9800TK0 MED9800TK0 MED9800TQ0 MEDE300VF0 MEDE300VF1 MEDE300VF2 MEDE300VW0 MEDE300VW1 MEDE400XR0 MEDE400XW0 MEDE500VF0 MEDE500VF1 MEDE500VP0 MEDE500VP1 MEDE500VW0 MEDE500VW1 MEDE500VW2 MEDE500WJ0 MEDE500WR0 MEDE900VJ0 MEDE900VJ1 MEDE900VW0 MEDE900VW1 MGD9600SQ0 MGD9600SQ0 MGD9700SB0 MGD9700SQ0 MGD9800TB0 MGD9800TK0 MGD9800TQ0 MGDE300VF0 MGDE300VW0 MGDE900VJ0 MGDE900VW0 NED7500VM0 NED7500VM1 NED7500VW0 NED7500VW1 NGD7500VM1 NGD7500VW0 NGD7500VW1 WED7990XG0 WED9200SQ0 WED9200SQ1 WED9200SQ2 WED9300VU0 WED9300VU1 WED9400SB0 WED9400SB1 WED9400ST0 WED9400ST1 WED9400SU0 WED9400SU1 WED9400SU2 WED9400SW0 WED9400SW1 WED9400SW2 WED9400SZ0 WED9400SZ1 WED9400SZ2 WED9400VE0 WED9400VE1 WED9450WL0 WED9450WL1 WED9450WR0 WED9450WR1 WED9450WW0 WED9450WW1 WED9470WL1 WED9470WR1 WED9470WW1 WED9470WW2 WED9500TC0 WED9500TC1 WED9500TC2 WED9500TU0 WED9500TU1 WED9500TW0 WED9500TW1 WED9500TW2 WED9500TW3 WED9550WL0 WED9550WL1 WED9550WL2 WED9550WR0 WED9550WR1 WED9550WW0 WED9550WW1 WED9550WW2 WED9600SU0 WED9600TA0 WED9600TA1 WED9600TA2 WED9600TB0 WED9600TB1 WED9600TU0 WED9600TU1 WED9600TW0 WED9600TW1 WED9600TW2 WED9600TZ0 WED9610XW0 WED9610XW1 WED9750WL0 WED9750WL1 WED9750WR0 WED9750WW0 WED9750WW1 WED97HEXL0 WED97HEXR0 WED97HEXW0 WFW9400SW04 WFW9400SZ04 WFW9410XW00 WFW9451XW00 WFW9470WL01 WFW9470WR01 WFW9470WW01 WFW9500TC03 WFW9500TW03 WFW9630YL00 WFW9630YW00 WFW9750WL01 WFW9750WL02 WFW9750WR01 WFW9750WR02 WFW9750WW01 WFW9750WW02 WGD9200SQ0 WGD9200SQ1 WGD9300VU0 WGD9300VU1 WGD9400SB0 WGD9400SB1 WGD9400ST0 WGD9400ST1 WGD9400SU0 WGD9400SU1 WGD9400SW0 WGD9400SW1 WGD9400SW2 WGD9400SW3 WGD9400SZ0 WGD9400SZ1 WGD9400SZ2 WGD9400SZ3 WGD9400VE0 WGD9400VE1 WGD9450WL0 WGD9450WL1 WGD9450WL2 WGD9450WR0 WGD9450WR1 WGD9450WR2 WGD9450WW0 WGD9450WW1 WGD9450WW2 WGD9470WL1 WGD9470WL2 WGD9470WR1 WGD9470WR2 WGD9470WW1 WGD9470WW2 WGD9470WW3 WGD9500TC0 WGD9500TC1 WGD9500TC2 WGD9500TU0 WGD9500TU1 WGD9500TW0 WGD9500TW1 WGD9500TW2 WGD9500TW3 WGD9500TW4 WGD9550WL0 WGD9550WL1 WGD9550WL2 WGD9550WL3 WGD9550WR0 WGD9550WR1 WGD9550WR2 WGD9550WW0 WGD9550WW1 WGD9550WW2 WGD9550WW3 WGD9600SU0 WGD9600TA0 WGD9600TA1 WGD9600TA2 WGD9600TB0 WGD9600TB1 WGD9600TU0 WGD9600TU1 WGD9600TW0 WGD9600TW1 WGD9600TW2 WGD9600TZ0 WGD9610XW0 WGD9610XW1 WGD9750WL0 WGD9750WL1 WGD9750WL2 WGD9750WR0 WGD9750WR1 WGD9750WW0 WGD9750WW1 WGD9750WW2 YGEW9200LL1 YGEW9200LL2 YGEW9200LQ1 YGEW9200LQ2 YGEW9200LW1 YGEW9200LW2 YGEW9250PL0 YGEW9250PL1 YGEW9250PQ0 YGEW9250PW0 YGEW9250PW1 YGEW9250SU0 YKEHS01PMT0 YKEHS01PMT1 YKEHS01PMT2 YKEHS01PWH1 YKEHS01PWH2 YKEHSO2RMT0 YKEHSO2RMT1 YKEHSO2RWH1 YKEHSO2RWHO YMED9600SQ0 YMED9600SQ0 YMED9700SB0 YMED9700SQ0 YMED9800TB0 YMED9800TB0 YMED9800TK0 YMED9800TK0 YMEDE300VF0 YMEDE300VF1 YMEDE300VF2 YMEDE300VW0 YMEDE300VW1 YMEDE400XR0 YMEDE400XW0 YMEDE500VF0 YMEDE500VF1 YMEDE500VP0 YMEDE500VP1 YMEDE500VW0 YMEDE500VW1 YMEDE500VW2 YMEDE500WJ0 YMEDE500WR0 YMEDE900VJ0 YMEDE900VJ1 YMEDE900VW0 YMEDE900VW1 YNED7500XW0 YWED9200SQ0 YWED9200SQ1 YWED9200SQ2 YWED9300VU0 YWED9300VU1 YWED9400SU0 YWED9400SU1 YWED9400SU2 YWED9400SW0 YWED9400SW1 YWED9400SW2 YWED9400SZ0 YWED9400SZ1 YWED9400VE0 YWED9400VE1 YWED9450WL0 YWED9450WR0 YWED9450WW0 YWED9470WL1 YWED9470WR1 YWED9470WW1 YWED9500TC1 YWED9500TU0 YWED9500TU1 YWED9550WL0 YWED9550WL1 YWED9550WL2 YWED9550WR0 YWED9550WR1 YWED9550WW0 YWED9550WW1 YWED9550WW2 YWED9600TA0 YWED9600TA1 YWED9600TA2 YWED9600TB0 YWED9600TB1 YWED9600TU0 YWED9600TU1 YWED9600TW0 YWED9600TW1 YWED9600TW2 YWED9600TZ0 YWED9750WL0 YWED9750WR0 YWED9750WW0 YWED97HEXL0 YWED97HEXR0 YWED97HEXW0


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