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134511600 Washing Machine Drive Belt

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Part #:   134511600



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- Cloth Coated V Style Drive Belt.
- Circumference approximately 31"
- Goes on the machine with the direct drive pump above the motor
- Fits most Frigidaire, White-Westinghouse, Gibson, Tappan, Kelvinator, Electrolux, Sears, and WCI washing machines

Replaces part numbers:

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Fits Models:   CLCE500FW0 CLCE500FW1 CLCE500FW2 CLCE500FW4 CLCG500FW0 CLCG500FW1 CLCG500FW3 CLCG500FW5 CTW100FW0 CTW100FW1 ELTW20XAKW0 FEX831FS0 FEX831FS1 FEX831FS2 FEX831FS4 FEZ831CFS0 FEZ831CFS1 FGX831FS0 FGX831FS1 FGX831FS2 FGX831FS3 FGX831FS5 FGX831MCS0 FLEB8200FS0 FLEB8200FS1 FLEB8200FS2 FLEB8200FS4 FLGB8200FS0 FLGB8200FS1 FLGB8200FS2 FLGB8200FS3 FLGB8200FS5 FTW3011KW0 FTW3014KW0 FWS1233FS0 FWS1233FS1 FWS1233FS2 FWS1339EC0 FWS6600ES0 FWS6600ES1 FWS6600FS0 FWS6600FS1 FWS833AS3 FWS933FS0 FWS933FS1 FWS933FS2 FWS933FS3 FWSB6600ES0 FWSB6600ES1 FWSB6600FS0 FWSB6600FS1 FWX833AS3 FWX833MAS0 GCET1031FS0 GCET1031FS1 GCET1031FS2 GCET1031FS4 GLET1031FS0 GLET1031FS1 GLET1031FS2 GLET1031FS4 GLET1142FS0 GLET1142FS1 GLET1142FS2 GLGT1031FS0 GLGT1031FS1 GLGT1031FS2 GLGT1031FS3 GLGT1031FS5 GLGT1142FS0 GLGT1142FS1 GLGT1142FS2 GLGT1142FS3 GLWS1233AS3 GLWS1339EC0 GLWS1339EC1 GLWS1339ES0 GLWS1339ES1 GLWS1439FC0 GLWS1439FC1 GLWS1439FC2 GLWS1439FS0 GLWS1439FS1 GLWS1439FS2 GLWS1749AS5 GLWS1749FS0 GLWS1749FS1 GLWS1749FS2 MEX731CFS0 MEX731CFS1 MEX731CFS2 MEX731CFS4 MLXE42RFW0 NMWS336FS0 NMWS336FS1 SWS1233CQ1 SWS1233CS1 SWS1233HQ0 SWS1233HQ1 SWS1233HS0 SWS1233HS1 SWS1339CC2 SWS1339HQ0 SWS1339HQ1 SWS1339HS0 SWS1339HS1 SWS1649CQ1 SWS1649CS1 SWS1649HQ0 SWS1649HQ1 SWS1649HS0 SWS1649HS1 SWS833HQ0 SWS833HQ1 SWS833HS0 SWS833HS1 SWSG1031DQ1 SWSG1031DS1 SWSG1031HQ0 SWSG1031HQ2 SWSG1031HQ4 SWSG1031HS0 SWSG1031HS1 SWSG1031HS2 SWSG1031HS4 SWX703CQ1 SWX703CS1 SWX703HQ0 SWX703HQ1 SWX703HS0 SWX703HS1 SWXG831DQ1 SWXG831DS1 SWXG831HQ1 SWXG831HQ2 SWXG831HQ4 SWXG831HS0 SWXG831HS1 SWXG831HS2 SWXG831HS4 WWS833ES1 WWS833FS0 WWS833FS1 WWS833FS2 WWTW3000KW0 WWX121ES1


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