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ES-1 Easysliders Appliance Movers

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Part #:   ES-1


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- Designed for the service industry
- Portable and light weight. Weigh's under 3 lbs. and comes with an adjustable strap that make rolling up quick and easy for storage and transport
- Easy to use. Can easily be used by one person
- Protects floors. Rips, scratches and chips often happen moving appliances for repair, service or cleaning.
- Easysliders protect all types of flooring: linoleum, carpeting, wood, and ceramic.
- The slick Easysliders surface makes moving heavy appliances easy.
- Made in the U.S.A

Easy Slider Directions:

1. Place the EASYSLIDERS in a criss-cross position under the appliance you are moving.
NOTE: Keep label side of EASYSLIDERS up when using or when rolling up for storage.

2. Slightly tilt the back of the appliance forward as you individually slide the EASYSLIDERS under the back "feet" of the appliance.
Then ease the appliance down so that the back "feet" are resting on the EASYSLIDERS.

3. Slightly tilt the front of the appliance backward and straighten the EASYSLIDERS in position under the front "feet" of the appliance.
Let the front of the appliance down, resting its front "feet"on the EASYSLIDERS.

4.While standing on the EASYSLIDERS to keep them in place, slide the appliance towards you, keeping the appliance "feet" on the EASYSLIDERS.*
*NOTE: Do not use grip handles to move appliances.

5. After service is complete, stand on the EASYSLIDERS and slowly push the appliance back to its original position.

6. Pull the EASYSLIDERS from beneath the appliance by pulling in an upward motion, using the easy grip handle, or by reversing the above steps.


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