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MFX48ULMK Dryer Metal Hook Up Kit

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Part #:   MFX48ULMK



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- This all inclusive All Metal Dryer Hook Up Kit is truly the ultimate installation kit for both the contractor and consumer.
This kit includes a 4″ x 8′ UL 2158A listed and marked semi-rigid aluminum duct,
two attached all metal heavy duty elbows and two 4″ metal galvanized worm gear clamps

The semi-rigid duct is UL 2158A labeled and approved for safe dryer venting.
It is thicker than our standard non UL duct and like all aluminum ducts is totally noncombustible.
New manufacturing technologies incorporated into this duct also allow for easy rotation, adding durability during installation.

The two metal elbows are flame resistant for a safe and long lasting connection and are designed to achieve tight 0 to 90 degree turns.

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