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SGF-DA20B Refrigerator Water Filter - DA29-00020B Replacement


Part #:   SGF-DA20B



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Designed with technology using recycled coconut shells that create an internal carbon filter with up to 50% more filtering pores. The result is safe and clean drinking water that has eliminated contaminants and impurities that may have been present.


Industry certified to meet NSF / ANSI 42 & 53 standard, Swift Green Filters reduces Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Chlorine Taste & Odor (CTO), pesticides, waterborne parasites, lead, Cyst mercury, asbestos, and other contaminations
Made in the U.S.A using ONLY certified NSF/ ANSI lab tested raw material for its quality & performance. �100% Guarantee for Highest Performance in its class and Capacity in the Industry�. Buy with confidence. Our Raw Material are BPA, Lead, Arsenic-free
100% satisfaction guarantee; Outstanding quality; Easy filter replacement; DIY, no tools required to replace this water filter. Replace every 3- 6 months for best performance.
The eco-friendly filter uses coconut shell carbon ( Renewable Resource), the earth�s most powerful natural filter while keeping plastic water bottles out of our landfills water

Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm/0.5gpm
Capcity VOC: 300 gallons
Capacity CTO: 2000 gallons
Min. Working Pressure: 20psi / 140kPa
Max. Working Pressure: 100psi / 689kPa
Min. Operating Temperature: 33°F / 0.6°C
Max. Operating Temperature: 100°F / 38°C

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