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WFCB Frigidaire Refrigerator PureSource Ice & Water Filter

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Part #:   WFCB



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The Pure Source Plus WFCB Water Filter fits Frigidaire refrigerators made BEFORE April 2001 and Kenmore "253" Series. How old is your refrigerator? Frigidaire serial numbers start with the letters, L A. The first number after the letters represent the last digit of the year the refrigerator was manufactured. The next two numbers represent the production week for that year. For example: LA02187896, this refrigerator was manufactured the 21st week in the year 2000. This filter is located in a round plastic housing.

The PureSourcePlus WFCB is a direct replacement for the following part numbers: RC101, RC200, RF200, RC-101, RC-200, RF-200, 218710901, 218710902, 218732306, 218904501, 218904602, 218907800, 5303917752, 5303917937, 5303918017, SWFCB; Kenmore 9906, 469906, 46-9906, 9906P, 04609906000

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Fits Models:   FRS22ZGHW4 ,

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