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5303281153 Dryer Rear Drum Bearing Assembly

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Part #:   5303281153



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Frigidaire Complete Rear Dryer Drum Bearing Assembly.
- Rear clothes dryer drum bearing assembly includes:
- Shaft
- Plastic bearing, part #: 131825900
- Lubricant
- Mounting accessories
- Used on Frigidaire, White-Westinghouse, Gibson, Tappan, Kelvinator, and WCI brands of gas and electric dryers

Replaces part #'s:

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Fits Models:   41749012890 41749022890 41759012890 41759022890 47-2151-00-01 47-2151-00-02 47-2151-23-01 47-2151-23-02 47-2251-00-01 47-2251-00-02 47-2251-00-04 47-2251-00-05 47-2251-23-01 47-2251-23-02 47-2251-23-04 47-2251-23-05 47-2351-00-01 47-2351-23-01 47-2451-00-01 47-2451-00-03 47-2451-00-04 47-2451-23-01 47-2451-23-03 47-2451-23-04 47-2551-00-01 47-2551-00-03 47-2551-00-04 47-2551-23-01 47-2551-23-03 47-2551-23-04 47-2751-00-01 47-2751-23-01 47-2828-00-03 47-2828-00-04 47-2828-23-03 47-2828-23-04 47-2848-00-03 47-2848-00-04 47-2848-23-03 47-2848-23-04 49-2251-00-03 49-2251-00-04 49-2251-23-04 49-2351-00-01 49-2351-23-01 49-2451-00-01 49-2451-00-03 49-2451-23-01 49-2451-23-03 49-2551-00-01 49-2551-00-03 49-2551-23-01 49-2551-23-03 49-2751-00-01 49-2751-00-02 49-2751-23-01 AEQ6000CES0 AEQ6000CES1 AEQ6000CES2 AEQ6000ES0 AEQ6000ES1 AEQ6000ES2 AEQ6400HE0 AEQ6400HS0 AEQ6500CFG0 AEQ6500CFS0 AEQ6700CFE0 AEQ6700CFS0 AEQ6700FE0 AEQ6700FS0 AEQ7000CEG0 AEQ7000CES0 AEQ7000CES1 AEQ7000CFE0 AEQ7000EE0 AEQ7000EG0 AEQ7000EP0 AEQ7000ES0 AEQ7000ES1 AEQ8000CFE0 AEQ8000CFG0 AEQ8000CFS0 AEQ8000FE0 AEQ8000FG0 AEQ8000FS0 AEQ8700FE0 AEQ8700FG0 AEQ8700FS0 AEQB6000ES0 AEQB6000ES1 AEQB6000ES2 AEQB6400FS0 AEQB7000EG0 AEQB7000EP0 AEQB7000ES0 AEQB7000ES1 AGQ6000CES0 AGQ6000CES1 AGQ6000CES2 AGQ6000ES0 AGQ6000ES1 AGQ6000ES2 AGQ6000ES3 AGQ6000ES4 AGQ6400HE0 AGQ6400HE1 AGQ6400HS0 AGQ6400HS1 AGQ6500CFG0 AGQ6700FE0 AGQ6700FE2 AGQ6700FS0 AGQ6700FS1 AGQ6700FS2 AGQ7000CEG0 AGQ7000CES0 AGQ7000CES1 AGQ7000EE0 AGQ7000EG0 AGQ7000EP0 AGQ7000ES0 AGQ7000ES1 AGQ8000CFE0 AGQ8000CFG0 AGQ8000CFS0 AGQ8000FE0 AGQ8000FE1 AGQ8000FE2 AGQ8000FG0 AGQ8000FG1 AGQ8000FG2 AGQ8000FS0 AGQ8000FS1 AGQ8000FS2 AGQ8700FE0 AGQ8700FE1 AGQ8700FG0 AGQ8700FG1 AGQ8700FS0 AGQ8700FS1 AGQB6000ES0 AGQB6000ES1 AGQB6000ES2 AGQB6400FS0 AGQB6400FS1 AGQB7000EG0 AGQB7000EP0 AGQB7000ES0 AGQB7000ES1 BCEQ2152ES0 BCEQ2152ES1 BCEQ6100FS0 BCEQ6700FS0 BEF332CES0 BEQ1442CES0 BEQ1442CES1 CDE2000FW0 CDE4000FW0 CDE4000FW1 CDE4000HW0 CDE5000FW0 CDEC100FW0 CDEC400FW0 CDEC400FW1 CDEC500FW0 CDG2000FW0 CDG2000FW1 CDG4000FW0 CDG4000FW1 CDG4000HW1 CDG5000FW0 CDG5000FW1 CEF140CES0 CER3600AS0 CER3600AS1 CFRE5711KW0 CFRE5714KW0 CGF140CES0 CGR3600AS0 CGR3600AS1 CGR3600AS2 CGR3600AS3 CREF342AS0 CREF342AS1 CREF342AS2 CRER442AS0 CRER442AS1 CRER442AS2 CRER5700AS0 CRER5700AS1 CRER7900AS0 CRER7900AS1 CRGF342AS0 CRGF342AS1 CRGF342AS2 CRGF342AS3 CRGF342AS4 CRGR442AS0 CRGR442AS1 CRGR442AS2 CRGR5700AS0 CRGR5700AS1 CRGR5700AS2 CRGR5700AS3 CRGR7900AS0 CRGR7900AS1 CRGR7900AS2 CRGR7900AS3 DE271KDW6 DE271KDW7 DE271KDW8 DE27A5WAFA DE27A5WAFB DE27A5WAFC DE27A5WXFC DE27A5WXFD DE27A5WXFE DE27A5WXFF DE27A7WXFB DE27A7WXFC DE27A7WXFD DE27A7WXFE DE27A8WAFA DE27A8WAFB DE27A8WAFC DE27S8WAGA DE27S8WAGB DE27S8WAGC DE27T3WAFA DE27T3WAFB DE27T3WAFC DE27T3WXFB DE27T3WXFC DE27T3WXFD DE27T3WXFE DE350RXD2 DE350RXD3 DE350RXD4 DE350RXW2 DE350RXW3 DE350RXW4 DE3900ADD1 DE3900AWW1 DE400ADD1 DE400ADD2 DE400ADD3 DE400ADW1 DE400ADW2 DE400ADW3 DE500ADD5 DE500ADD6 DE500ADD7 DE500ADW5 DE500ADW6 DE500ADW7 DE5520RW1 DE5520RW2 DE5800ADD1 DE5800AWW1 DE5800RW1 DE5800RW2 DE600ADD2 DE600ADD3 DE600ADW2 DE600ADW3 DE640ADD1 DE640ADD2 DE640ADW1 DE640ADW2 DE6420RW1 DE6420RW2 DE6420RW3 DE6500ADD1 DE6500AWW1 DE650ADD1 DE650ADD2 DE650ADD3 DE650ADW1 DE650ADW2 DE650ADW3 DE6520AL1 DE6520AW1 DE6900RW1 DE6900RW2 DE7000ADD1 DE7000AWW1 DE7200ADD1 DE7200AWW1 DE7400PW0 DE7400PW1 DE7400PW2 DE800ADD1 DE800ADD2 DE800ADD3 DE800ADD4 DE800ADW1 DE800ADW2 DE800ADW3 DE800ADW4 DE8600PW0 DE8600PW1 DE8600PW2 DE8800PW0 DE8800PW1 DE8800PW2 DEA500G1D DEA500G1T DEA500G1W DEA500G2D DEA500G2T DEA500G2W DEA500G3D DEA500G3W DEA500G4D DEA500G4W DEA500KD1 DEA500KD2 DEA500KD3 DEA500KW1 DEA500KW2 DEA500KW3 DEA501G1D DEA501G1J DEA501G1W DEA501G2D DEA501G2W DEA501G3D DEA501G3W DEA501G4D DEA501G4W DEA501KD1 DEA501KD2 DEA501KD3 DEA501KW1 DEA501KW2 DEA501KW3 DET100KD1 DET100KD2 DET100KW1 DET100KW2 DET250K1D DET250K1W DET400G1D DET400G1J DET400G1W DET400G2D DET400G2W DET400G3D DET400G3W DET400G4D DET400G4W DET400KD1 DET400KD2 DET400KD3 DET400KW1 DET400KW2 DET400KW3 DG27A5WAFA DG27A5WAFB DG27A5WXFD DG27A5WXFE DG27A5WXFF DG27A7WXFC DG27A7WXFD DG27A7WXFE DG27A8WAFA DG27A8WAFB DG27S8WAGB DG27T3WAFA DG27T3WAFB DG27T3WXFC DG27T3WXFD DG27T3WXFE DG350RXD1 DG350RXD2 DG350RXD3 DG350RXW1 DG350RXW2 DG350RXW3 DG3900ADD1 DG3900AWW1 DG400AXD1 DG400AXD2 DG400AXW1 DG400AXW2 DG400SXD1 DG400SXW1 DG400TXD0 DG400TXD1 DG400TXW0 DG400TXW1 DG500AXD5 DG500AXD6 DG500AXW5 DG500AXW6 DG5520RW1 DG5520RW2 DG5800ADD1 DG5800AWW1 DG5800RW1 DG5800RW2 DG600AXD1 DG600AXD2 DG600AXW1 DG600AXW2 DG640AXD1 DG640AXD2 DG640AXW1 DG640AXW2 DG6420RW1 DG6420RW2 DG6420RW3 DG6500ADD1 DG6500AWW1 DG650AXD1 DG650AXD2 DG650AXW1 DG650AXW2 DG6520AL1 DG6520AW1 DG6900RW1 DG6900RW2 DG7000ADD1 DG7000AWW1 DG7200ADD1 DG7200AWW1 DG7400PW0 DG7400PW1 DG7400PW2 DG800AXD1 DG800AXD3 DG800AXW1 DG800AXW2 DG800AXW3 DG8600PW0 DG8600PW1 DG8600PW2 DGA500G1D DGA500G1J DGA500G1W DGA500G2D DGA500G2T DGA500G2W DGA500G3D DGA500G3W DGA500G4D DGA500G4W DGA500KD1 DGA500KD2 DGA500KW1 DGA500KW2 DGA501G1D DGA501G1J DGA501G1W DGA501G2D DGA501G2W DGA501G3D DGA501G3W DGA501G4D DGA501G4W DGA501KD1 DGA501KD2 DGA501KW1 DGA501KW2 DGT400G1D DGT400G1J DGT400G1W DGT400G2D DGT400G2W DGT400G3D DGT400G3W DGT400G4D DGT400G4W DGT400KD1 DGT400KD2 DGT400KW1 DGT400KW2 EDE16NS0 EDG16NS0 EKDR14XAKW0 F31C336CS0 F31C336CS1 F31C336CT0 F31C336CT1 F31C336ES0 F31C436ES0 F31C546CS0 F31C546CS1 F31C546CT0 F31C546CT1 F31C747CS0 F31C747CT0 F32C336CS0 F32C336CS1 F32C336CT0 F32C336CT1 F32C336ES0 F32C436ES0 F32C546CS0 F32C546CS1 F32C546CT0 F32C546CT1 F32C747CS0 F32C747CT0 FCED2000LS0 FCED3000ES0 FCGD2000LS0 FCGD3000ES0 FCGD3000ES1 FD955EAW0 FDE116RBW0 FDE116RBW1 FDE216RBS0 FDE216RBS1 FDE216RBS1 FDE216RBS2 FDE216RBT0 FDE216RES0 FDE216RES1 FDE216RES2 FDE336CFS2 FDE336LBS0 FDE336LBS1 FDE336LBS2 FDE336LES0 FDE336NBS0 FDE336NBS1 FDE336NBS2 FDE336NES0 FDE336RBS0 FDE336RBS1 FDE336RBS2 FDE336RBT0 FDE336RBT1 FDE336RBT2 FDE336RES0 FDE336RES1 FDE336RES2 FDE336RET0 FDE336RET1 FDE336RET2 FDE436RBS0 FDE436RBS1 FDE436RBS1 FDE436RBS2 FDE436RBT0 FDE436RBT1 FDE436RBT1 FDE436RBT2 FDE436RES0 FDE436RES1 FDE436RES2 FDE436RET0 FDE436RET1 FDE436RET2 FDE437GHS0 FDE546DBD1 FDE546DBL0 FDE546DBW0 FDE546DBW1 FDE546LBS0 FDE546LBS1 FDE546LBS2 FDE546LES0 FDE546NBS0 FDE546NBS1 FDE546NBS2 FDE546NBT0 FDE546NBT1 FDE546NBT2 FDE546NES0 FDE546RBS0 FDE546RBS1 FDE546RBS2 FDE546RBT1 FDE546RBT2 FDE546RES0 FDE546RES1 FDE546RES2 FDE546RET0 FDE546RET1 FDE546RET2 FDE558GGS0 FDE558GHS0 FDE646GES0 FDE646RHS0 FDE647RFS0 FDE647RFS1 FDE648GFS0 FDE648GFS1 FDE648GFT0 FDE648GFT1 FDE648GHS0 FDE648GHT0 FDE700FHS0 FDE747GES0 FDE747RBS0 FDE747RBS1 FDE747RBT0 FDE747RBT1 FDE747RES0 FDE747RET0 FDE7970EW0 FDE7970EW1 FDE7970EW2 FDE7971EW0 FDE7971EW1 FDE7971EW2 FDE7974HW0 FDE7976FS0 FDE7976FS1 FDE7976FW0 FDE7976FW1 FDE7977ES0 FDE7977EW0 FDE847GCS0 FDE847GCT0 FDE847GES0 FDE847GET0 FDE847RBS0 FDE847RBT0 FDE848GFS0 FDE848GFT0 FDE855RHS0 FDE875GHS0 FDE875GHT0 FDEB23RGS0 FDEB23RGS1 FDEB23RGS2 FDEB34RGS0 FDEB34RGS1 FDEB34RGS2 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FDG747RES0 FDG747RET0 FDG847GCS0 FDG847GCT0 FDG847RBS0 FDG847RBT0 FDG848GFS0 FDG848GFT0 FDG855RHS0 FDG875GHS0 FDG875GHT0 FDG8970EW0 FDG8970EW1 FDG8970EW2 FDG8971EW0 FDG8971EW1 FDG8971EW2 FDG8971EW3 FDG8974HW0 FDG8976FS0 FDG8976FS1 FDG8976FW0 FDG8977ES0 FDG8977EW0 FDGB23RGS0 FDGB23RGS1 FDGB23RGS2 FDGB34RGS0 FDGB34RGS1 FDGB34RGS2 FDGB55RGS0 FDGB55RGS1 FDGC847GFS1 FDGR436RHS0 FDGS69RHW0 FDGS69RHW1 FEFB9100ES0 FEFB9200ES0 FEQ1442CES0 FEQ1442CES1 FEQ1442ES0 FEQ1442ES1 FEQ1442FE0 FEQ1452CKS0 FEQ1452HE0 FEQ1452HS0 FEQ332CES0 FEQ332ES0 FEQ5000HS0 FEQB2152FE0 FEQB2152FE1 FEQB4000FS0 FEQB4000FS1 FEQBB30DS0 FER111AS0 FER111AS1 FER111AS2 FER211AS0 FER211AS1 FER211AS2 FER221AS0 FER231AS0 FER231AS1 FER231AS2 FER311CFS0 FER311FS0 FER331AS0 FER331AS1 FER331KAS1 FER341AC0 FER341AS0 FER341AS1 FER641CFS0 FER641FS0 FER6600ES0 FER6600FS0 FERB5700DS0 FERB6600ES0 FERB6600FS0 FERB7800DS0 FGFB9100ES0 FGFB9200ES0 FGQ1442ES0 FGQ1442ES1 FGQ1442ES2 FGQ1442ES3 FGQ1442FE0 FGQ1442FE2 FGQ1452HE0 FGQ1452HE1 FGQ1452HS0 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GDE336RBD2 GDE336RBS0 GDE336RBS1 GDE336RBW0 GDE336RBW1 GDE336RBW2 GDE336RES1 GDE336RES2 GDE336RHS0 GDE337REW0 GDE337REW1 GDE346RES0 GDE436RBD1 GDE436RBD2 GDE436RBW0 GDE436RBW1 GDE436RBW2 GDE436REW0 GDE436REW1 GDE546RBD2 GDE546RBS0 GDE546RBS2 GDE546RBW0 GDE546RBW2 GDE546RES0 GDE546RES1 GDE546RFS0 GDE546RFS1 GDE546RHS0 GDE648RHS0 GDEC546CES0 GDG336RBD2 GDG336RBW0 GDG336RBW2 GDG336RHS0 GDG337REW0 GDG337REW1 GDG436RBD2 GDG436RBW0 GDG436RBW2 GDG436REW0 GDG436REW1 GDG546RBD1 GDG546RBD2 GDG546RBS0 GDG546RBS2 GDG546RBW0 GDG546RBW1 GDG546RBW2 GDG546RES0 GDG546RES1 GDG546RFS0 GDG546RFS1 GDG546RFS2 GDG546RHS0 GDG648RHS0 GEF331AS0 GEF331AS1 GEF331AS2 GEF331CS0 GER221AS0 GER221AS1 GER221AS2 GER331CS0 GER341AS0 GER341AS1 GER341AS2 GER341CS0 GER442AS0 GER442AS1 GER442AS2 GER442CS0 GGF331AS0 GGF331AS1 GGF331AS2 GGF331AS3 GGF331AS4 GGF331CS0 GGR221AS0 GGR221AS1 GGR221AS2 GGR221AS3 GGR221AS4 GGR331CS0 GGR341AS0 GGR341AS1 GGR341AS2 GGR341AS3 GGR341AS4 GGR341CS0 GGR442AS0 GGR442AS1 GGR442AS2 GGR442AS3 GGR442AS4 GGR442CS0

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