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DS201401E DrySafer Dryer Vent Alarm

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Part #:   DS201401E



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According to the Consumer Products
Safety Commission, dryer fires cause:
• 15,600 fires annually
(the service trade estimates 300,000+ unreported fires)
• 20 deaths
• 370 injuries
• $100 million in property damage
Battery operated, with a lifespan of 1–2 years. A single beep every few minutes when the battery is weak.

The DrySafer system helps prevent dryer fires due to lint buildup
When the dryer is turned on, the Airflow Sensor begins to monitor airflow. If it
detects a clog in the vent line, DrySafer’s Alarm goes off, alerting the homeowner.
DrySafer also has a built-in overheat alarm that goes off if the exhaust temperature
ever exceeds 185º.
Saves energy by reducing dryer time
Lint buildup causes dryers to run longer, using up to 77% more energy.
And when a dryer has to work harder, it’s lifespan is shortened.

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