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S1-ICM272 Carrier ICM272 Furnace Fan Relay Blower Control Board

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Part #:   S1-ICM272


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Fan Blower Control - replacement for OEM models including Carrier HK61GA001/003 control boards
Input: Voltage - 18-30 VAC

Contact Ratings:
- N.O: 20 amps
- N.C.: 10 amps

Blower OFF Delay: 60 seconds Weight/Dimensions:
Weight: 0.3
Height: 1.625
Width: 8
Length: 3.75

Cooling control module with fan delay
Integral low voltage terminal board with field thermostat wiring
Electronic air cleaner output
High power, relay output
DC output for fan relays and 1st stage of electric heater control
Interlock circuitry prevents 2nd and 3rd stage electric heat energization without proper fan operation

Replaces part #'s:
Carrier: HK61GA001, HK61GA003
Texas Instruments: 2FD-1


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